Yes, If you are a Bogd bank customer, you can enter your confirmed citizen identification number and email address to activate your login. Please note that new username must be entered. If you are not a Bogd bank customer, please fill out the questionnaire correctly and completely.

You can reset your password with the help of login assistance by selecting "Forgot Password." After entering your username and registered email address, one-time only password will be sent. You will be prompted to change the one-time password immediately. A new password shall contain 8-20 characters with both small and capital letter.

Individual clients: For help with locked accounts, please call (976)-7577-1199 or send an email to Please visit any of our branch with your personal ID for assistance. Corporate clients: For help with locked accounts, please send a memo to from your registered email address or visit our branch in person with confidentiality.

Yes. You can visit our branch in person to fill out additional internet banking service form to increase your daily transaction limit. Please note that non-cash currency exchange transaction limit can not exceed the limit set by the Bank.

A customer can register and open a new account; - Make intra and inter domestic transactions; -Make SWIFT transactions; -Make financial and non-financial transactions.

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